Mönsterfabriken does not use traditional names of sizes. In order to get the fit we have intended we are working with primary and secondary body measurements. For tops, the chest measurement is the primary measurement and for bottoms it is the hip measurement. The secondary measurements will give you a hint how the garment will fit on you and if you need to make any changes in order to fit your body perfectly.

In order to choose the right size please take your body measurements and compare it with the size tables below. Range 1 and 2 represents two different body types where Range1 is customized for the smaller bodies and Range 2 for larger and also curvier bodies. When the body gets larger the proportions are changing. Therefore have we decided to make two separate size ranges with different base sizes and grading in order to get the best fit for as many as possible. We have a fixed body length of 168 cm in all of our patterns and you will have to adjust the length of your garment in order to fit your length. Please see the DETAILED SEWING INSTRUCTIONS for the correct way to lengthen and shorten your garment.

All of our garments that do not have a tight fit in the waist will fit most body types.

Body measurement - Size range 1

A. Bust                                             80      84       88      92        96

B. Waist                                            64      68       72      76        80

C. Hip                                              90      94       98      102     106

D. Sleeve length, center back      77      77,5   78      78,5    79

E. Inside leg                                     79      79       79      79       79

Body measurement - Size range 2

A. Bust                                            96      101    106    111     116

B. Waist                                           74      79      84       89       94

C. Hip                                             104    109   114    119     124

D. Sleeve length, center back     79      79,5  80      80,5     81

E. Inside leg                                    79      79      79      79        79

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