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Polly is a fully lined waistcoat with some different details. The dart at the back is directed towards the center back seam which makes a nice detail, welt pockets  and instead of having a buckle at the back, the belt shapes the curve at the back. The waistcoat is shorter at the back and has a straight bottom curve at the front. Polly has facing around all edges for the cleanest look. Sew it in wool, cotton, linen, denim or silk. Make it with matching pants or a skirt for a very smart look!

This is a full scale colour printed pattern that is delivered with detailed sewing instructions. General detailed instructions are available as a download under SEWING INSTRUCTIONS with the code included in the pattern.

Please note - the pattern and instructions are in english but swedish instructions are avaliable for download under SWEDISH SEWING INSTRUCTIONS with the code included in the pattern . 


Please note - seam allowances are included in the pattern.


Difficulty level 3 of 5


Please read our size guide in order to choose the right size. Sizes included in the pattern are either 80-96 or 96-116. 


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