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Bonnie 80-116 PDF Pattern

Bonnie is a really wide boxy shirt with a pengvin sleeve and a gusset under the arm for increased comfort, movability and as a nice detail. It has a classical shirt collar but with a slightly wider fit around the neck for a more relaxed look. Bonnie has a hidden placket, slits at the sides and an assymetrically cut yoke at the back. Sew it in a fabric that is not too sturdy such as cotton shirt fabrics, linen, tencel, viscose or muslin, since the design requires some flow for the best impression and fit. The design is made to play around with top stitches and stripes. The yoke pieces at the back can either be cut with the traditional vertical grain line or place the grain line along the cutlines of the yoke for a graphical effect. You will also find cutlines on the pattern if you would like to make a dress version of Bonnie. 


Instructions in both english and sewdish are included in the pattern.

Bonnie 80-116 PDF Pattern

  • Once your order is placed and paid you'll receive a PDF file to your email. Yep it's that simple. All you need to do is to press print and then you're ready to sew.

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