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After several years of pattern making for Swedish fashion- and sport brands we decided to make our experience available for home sewists.


Since we essentially are pattern makers, our main focus is the fit and we want to make patterns that are easy to follow and alter.


We have decided to make two size ranges, fitted on two different bodies. The reason for this is that we believe that the body does not change linear as the body grows larger and that the grading and base patterns needs to be adapted to this. The larger size range is therefore adapted to a curvier body. 


We believe that making your own clothes is a step towards a better environment. That making something from scratch makes you appreciate the work behind it. We are making garments that are up to date but also have a fit that will last. They are plain but detailed so that you can easily adjust them after your body and your liking.

We also believe that sewing is some kind of therapy, that making something for yourself does not only create a value as a garment, but the creative process itself, makes you happier and more satisfied.

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