Mönsterfabriken wants to make patterns for everyone. Patterns that are easy to follow. We believe that everyone has the right to a well-fitting garment no matter what shape your body is. In order to achieve that we have decided to make two size ranges that are adapted to two different body types. The reason for that is that we believe that the body does not change linear as the body grows larger and the grading and base patterns needs to be adapted to that. The larger is therefore adapted to a more curvy body. 

We also believe that making your own clothes is a step towards a better environment and we have chosen not to print all of our instructions but leave them online so that you can make a choice if you want them or not. We are making garments that are up to date but also have a fit that will last long. They are plain but detailed so that you can adapt them for your body and your liking with regards to details. 

The power it creates when you make something for yourself does not only create a value as a garment but also the creative process itself, makes you happier and more satisfied.

Our Philosophy

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